School Wide Activity

The West Midlands ActiVe lifestyle and healthy Eating in School children (WAVES) initaitive

Initiative Description: Incorporate an extra 30 min of physical activity into each school day; (ii) Deliver three cooking workshops with children and parents focusing on nutrition education and food preparation skills; (iii) Supervise class attendance at Villa Vitality, a healthy lifestyle program run at an English Premier League football club; (iv) Distribute two signposting sheets with ideas on how to be more active and specifically directing families to local physical activity opportunities, and a termly newsletter to reiterate the importance of healthy lifestyles.

Study Results: Program was successful in increasing capability through improving knowledge and skills of children and parents; increasing motivation through parental empowerment and role modeling, and the direct provision of opportunities to lead healthier lifestyles

Reference: Clarke, J. L., Griffin, T. L., Lancashire, E. R., Adab, P., Parry, J. M., & Pallan, M.J. (2015) Parent and child perceptions of school-based obesity prevention in England: a qualitative study. BMC Public Health, 15, 1224. doi: 10.1186/s12889-015-2567-7.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good