School Wide Activity

The FORISCA-UltraRice®+NutriRice® study

Initiative Description: Provision of rice fortified with micronutrients through a school meal program (SMP). Four groups of four schools were randomly allocated to receive normal rice, UltraRice®Original, UltraRice®New or NutriRice®. Within each school, 132 children were randomly selected.

Study Results: All cognitive scores improved after 6 months (P<0·001). Block design score improvement was significantly higher in children consuming UltraRice®Original (P=0·03) compared with the other fortified rice groups and placebo.

Reference: Fiorentino, M., Perignon, M., Kuong, K., De Groot, R., Parker, M., Burja, K., . . . Wieringa, F. (2018). Effect of multi-micronutrient-fortified rice on cognitive performance depends on premix composition and cognitive function tested: Results of an effectiveness study in Cambodian schoolchildren. Public Health Nutrition, 21(4), 816-827. doi:10.1017/S1368980017002774

Level of Evidence: 4 out of 5 stars Excellent