School Wide Activity

Cuídate! Program

Initiative Description: The program logic model (PLM) was used as the systematic approach to plan, implement, and evaluate a sustainable model of sexual health group programing (¡Cuídate!) in a U.S. high school with a large Latino student population.

Study Results: ¡Cuídate! was executed within an existing school structure and time constraints, below cost projections, and with high participant retention (95.8%). Three cohorts (N = 24) of female teens demonstrated significant increases in STI or HIV knowledge, self‐efficacy, and intention to use condoms (p < .01). Condom use increased post-program. No participants initiated sexual behavior, nor were there any reported pregnancies or STIs.

Reference: Serowoky, M. L., George, N., & Yarandi, H. (2015). Using the program logic model to evaluate ¡Cuídate!: A sexual health program for Latino adolescents in a school based health center. Worldviews On Evidence-Based Nursing, 12(5), 297-305. doi:10.1111/wvn.12110

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good