School Wide Activity

The Goals for Health (GFH) school-based project

Initiative Description: a goal-setting and life-skills intervention conducted in rural areas to increase self-efficacy, knowledge, and positive behaviors related to healthy eating. The intervention was peer-led with high school students teaching health and life skills to sixth-grade students.

Study Results: Knowledge of fat and fiber content of food, gender and ethnic differences in the food frequency outcomes for fat, fiber and fruit, and vegetable consumption were significant outcomes

Reference: Forneris, T., Fries, E., Meyer, A., Buzzard, M., Uguy, S., Ramakrishnan, R., & … Danish, S. (2010). Results of a rural school-based peer-led intervention for youth: Goals for health. Journal Of School Health, 80(2), 57-65.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good