School Wide Activity

Initiative Description: A Walking School Bus: Participants walked on designated routes with pick-up and drop-off locations approved for safety by the police department. Four health themes were emphasized during the walks by a premedical student fluent in Spanish and 2 medical students, one of whom was fluent in Spanish: (a) get up and play, (b) turn off your television, (c) eat 5 servings of fruit/vegetables per day, and (d) reduce soda/juice intake.

Study Results: Physical activity increased from a mean of 4.3 days/week to 5.3 days/week.

Reference: Kong, A. S., Burks, N., Conklin, C., Roldan, C., Skipper, B., Scott, S., & … Leggott, J. (2010). A pilot walking school bus program to prevent obesity in Hispanic elementary school children: role of physician involvement with the school community. Clinical Pediatrics, 49(10), 989-991.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good