School Wide Activity

Initiative Description: Subjects of the intervention group were given 250 mL micronutrient-fortified milk (Future Star, Mengniu Dairy Company Limited, Hohhot, China) per day for six months; students of the control group were provided pure milk with approximately the same caloric value of the fortified milk (Milk Deluxe, China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited, Hohhot, China) (Table 1). The milk was given to each student by the research assistants, and its consumption was supervised by the students’ teachers.

Study Results: Students receiving micronutrient-fortified milk showed significantly higher scores in the subjects of Chinese, mathematics, English, ethics, and physical performance (p < 0.05)

Reference: Wang, X., Hui, Z., Dai, X., Terry, P. D., Zhang, Y., Ma, M., Wang, M., Deng, F., Gu, W., Lei, S., Li, L., Ma, M., … Zhang, B. (2017). Micronutrient-Fortified Milk and Academic Performance among Chinese Middle School Students: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial. Nutrients, 9(3), 226. doi:10.3390/nu9030226

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good