School Wide Activity

Initiative Description: Twelve schools with a total of 555 Standard 1 children (equivalent to U.S. Grade 1) were randomized to one of four feeding interventions: Meat, Milk, Energy or Control (no feeding). Feeding continued for seven school terms (21 mo), and cognitive tests were administered before the commencement of feeding and during every other term of feeding.

Study Results: children receiving supplemental food with meat significantly outperformed all other children on the Raven’s Progressive Matrices.

Reference: Whaley, S. E., Sigman, M., Nueman, C., Bwibo, N., Guthrie, D., Weiss, R. E., … Neumann, C. (2003). The impact of dietary intervention on the cognitive development of Kenyan school children. Journal of Nutrition, 133(11), 3965S–3971S.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good