Medical – Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: During the school year the nurse provided interventions to the student to meet the goals. The interventions were divided into 5 categories: direct care; student education/counseling; parent/family education; teacher/staff education; and health care coordination.

Interventions were developed using the same framework as the goals and fall into the following categories: teaching and counseling, direct care, working with teachers and school personnel, working with families, and making referrals

Study Results: There were 58 students who had a goal of improving academic performance and 35 (60.3%) of those students met that goal. Of the 35 students who met the goal, there was a significant difference in the average GPA change in 20 students.

Reference: Engelke, M. K., Swanson, M., & Guttu, M. (2014). Process and Outcomes of School Nurse Case Management for Students With Asthma. The Journal of School Nursing, 30(3), 196–205.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good