Medical – Community Partnership

Initiative Description: Formative evaluation was used in the beginning of the initiative to get input and pre-test program procedures and tools as they were being developed. Process evaluation tracked the implementation of the HLAI to assure that practices followed guidelines. Qualitative and quantitative data illuminated successes and barriers and identified where adjustments were necessary. Outcome evaluation, including a formal effectiveness study, was conducted using a randomized trial and measured through nurses’ reports of asthma activities, record review, and analysis of school attendance data.

Study Results:

  • Process: The systematic development, phased implementation, and evaluation of all aspects of the comprehensive HLAI resulted in a well-defined asthma management program that could be shared with colleagues and replicated in other districts.
  • Outcomes: an overall reduction in absences & the number of visits to the health office.

Reference: Erickson, C. D., Splett, P. L., Mullett, S. S., Jensen, C., & Belseth, S. B. (2006). The Healthy Learner Model for Student Chronic Condition Management–Part II: The Asthma Initiative. Journal Of School Nursing, 22(6), 319-329.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good