The Banishing Obesity and Diabetes in Youth (BODY) Project

Initiative Description: School-based intervention that medically screens overweight and obese high school students, provides personalized feedback and connects to appropriate healthcare. Each student received a personalized report, written in both Spanish and English, which detailed their medical evaluation results and provided specific recommendations based on those results to improve their health. A graphic designer was also engaged to develop an easy-to-understand, visually appealing report. The reports were brightly colored, and a traffic light analogy was used to help interpret results. Each student’s results were categorized as green for “within healthy range”, yellow for “could be healthier”, or red for “not within healthy range”. We established these categories based on standards set by the medical community

Study Results: Participation in the program appears to have been successful in alerting a significant proportion of the at-risk students and their families to potential health problems.

Reference: Sweat, V., Bruzzese, J., Albert, S., Pinero, D. J., Fierman, A., & Convit, A. (2012). The Banishing Obesity and Diabetes in Youth (BODY) Project: Description and feasibility of a program to halt obesity-associated disease among urban high school students. Journal Of Community Health: The Publication For Health Promotion And Disease Prevention, 37(2), 365-371.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good