Initiative Description: School nurse case management on students with asthma: Nurses list names of students with asthma and check- off on the following characteristics: asthma medication available at school, availability of a peak flow meter, and estimated level of asthma severity. Nurses also recorded case-management interventions they provided related to asthma, including home visits, asthma education, calls to physicians, or calls to parents.

Study Results: Students who received at least one school nurse case management intervention were more likely the next year to have an asthma medication at school, to use a peak flow meter at school, and to have a change in asthma severity.

Reference: Taras, H., Wright, S., Brennan, J., Campana, J., & Lofgren, R. (2004). Impact of school nurse case management on students with asthma. Journal Of SchoolHealth, 74(6), 213-219

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good