Initiative Description: The program, based upon a national model for comprehensive school mental health services, comprised universal and indicated preventive as well as clinical interventions designed to target needs identified in a baseline screening survey. The program was implemented over 1 school year by mental health professionals in collaboration with school teachers.

Study Results: Significantly fewer mental health difficulties, less functional impairment, and improved behavior, and reported improved mental health knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behavioral intentions. Teachers reported significantly greater proficiency in managing mental health problems

Reference: Walter, H. J., Gouze, K., Cicchetti, C., Arend, R., Mehta, T., Schmidt, J., & Skvarla, M. (2011). A pilot demonstration of comprehensive mental health services in inner-city public schools. Journal Of School Health, 81(4), 185-193

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good