Literature Review

Initiative Description: Meta-analysis on Teacher Burnout. Online and reference list searches yielded 513 unique results, and the final sample contains 23 controlled trials that implemented the following interventions: (1) cognitive behavioral approaches (i.e., cognitive restructuring, goal setting), (2) mindfulness/meditation (i.e., mantra meditation and pranayama), (3) professional development (any program aimed at training teachers with skills for student interaction and classroom management), (4) psychoeducational (i.e., education on burnout, stress, or mental health in general), (5) social support (i.e., peer collaboration programs), and (6)socio=emotional skills (aimed at improving social and emotional skills in teachers)

Study Results: Increased personal accomplishment, reduced emotional exhaustion.

Reference: Iancu, A.E., Rusu, A., Maroiu, C., Pacurar, R., & Maricutoiu, L.P. (2017). The effectiveness of interventions aimed at reducing teacher burnout: A meta-analysis. Educational Psychology Review.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good