Environmental Change

Lunchtime Enjoyment Activity and Play (LEAP) intervention

Initiative Description: Implement the Lunchtime Enjoyment Activity and Play (LEAP) intervention that included providing materials with no fixed purpose to the playground (e.g., bicycle tires, wooden planks, milk crates, hay bales, water containers, plastic cylinders, pipes, plastic sheets, motorcycle tires, plastic walls, foam mats, platic cones, tractor tires, rope, broom sticks, plastic walls, hessian sacks, play balls, skipping ropes, tire tubes, swimming kick boards, plastic sand shells, swimming noodles).

Study Results: 31% lower sedentary behavior at 2 year follow-up; Proportion of students participing in MPA and VPA was sig higher. Students’ play with moveable materials was sustained at 8 months.

Reference: Hyndman, B. P., Benson, A. C., & Telford, A. (2014). A guide for educators to move beyond conventional school playgrounds: The RE-AIM evaluation of the lunchtime enjoyment activity and play (LEAP) intervention. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 39(1), 30.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good