Environmental Change

Initiative Description: Provide Playground Markings. The markings consisted of colored lines, shapes, and boxes, with playground supervisors receiving a 1-day training course in order to promote and support use by children.

Study Results: Observed physical activity was found to increase by 7.5% in schools that received markings as opposed to a 7.7% decline in control schools. In addition, prosocial behaviors were found to increase by 6.7% following the installation of playground markings.

Reference: Crust, L., McKenna, J., Spence, J., Thomas, C., Evans, D., & Bishop, D. (2014). The effects of playground markings on the physical self-perceptions of 10-11-year-old school children. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 19(2), 179-190. Retrieved from http://0search.proquest.com.source.unco.edu/docview/1651831324?accountid=12832

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good