Environmental Change

Initiative Description: School-based, visual environmental public health educational intervention. The outdoor air quality flag program intervention was based on the ambient air quality index (AQI) used by the local air pollution control district.

*Green flag: Air quality is good (AQI 0-50) no restriction for outdoor activities.
* Yellow flag: Air quality is moderate (AQI 51-100)-people with severe asthma or respiratory diseases should limit outdoor activity time and avoid activities based on prolonged exertion.
* Orange flag: Air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups outdoor activities should be minimized, and the majority of activity time replaced with indoor physical activity or health education. * Red flag: Air quality is unhealthy (AQI 151-200)-avoid outdoor physical activities

Study Results: Contributed positively to local and regional environmental public health and to encourage asthma-conscious school policy formulation.

Reference: Shendell, D. G., Rawling, M., Foster, C., Bohlke, A., Edwards, B., Rico, S. A., & … Love, M. B. (2007). The outdoor air quality flag program in central california: a school-based educational intervention to potentially help reduce children’s exposure to environmental asthma triggers. Journal Of Environmental Health, 70(3), 28-31.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good