Environmental Change

Team Nutrition


Initiative Description: Team Nutrition (TN) is an educational and promotional initiative developed by the US Department of Agriculture to change children’s eating behaviors through social marketing techniques

Study Results: Importance of local coordinators to support and create a bridge between teachers and cafeteria staff and to forge links with key external partners. coordinators themselves may need training in coalition building and working with media. Relationships formed with parents, local businesses, other educational institutions, health organizations, and the media offer promise for helping to sustain nutrition education efforts.

Reference: Levine, E., Olander, C., Lefebvre, C., Cusick, P., Biesiadecki, L., & McGoldrick, D. (2002). The Team Nutrition pilot study: Lessons learned from implementing a comprehensiveschool-based intervention. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 34(2), 109-116

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good