Educational or Curriculum – Environmental Change


Initiative Description: Implement the RESPIR-NET program to prevent smoking initiation and consisted of (1) six one-hour educational sessions given by teachers in the classroom, (2) four types of posters with specific messages directed at students, teachers, and parents hung around the school, and (3) parent/child activities at home .

Study Results: Decreased second hand smoke exposure at school, home, and on transportation.

Reference: Blanch, C., Fernandez, E., Martinez-Sanchez, J.M., Ariza, C., Lopez, M.J., Moncada, A., . . . Nebot, M. (2013). Impact of a multi-level intervention to prevent secondhand smoke exposure schoolchildren: A randomized cluster community trial. Preventive Medicine,
57, 585-590

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good