Educational or Curriculum – Classroom Activity

Smoke-Free Class Competition (SFC)

Initiative Description: a classroom-based smoking prevention program, reduced smoking and increased smoking-related knowledge. Included a) positive reinforcement through the winning of a prize; (b) getting entire school classes to commit (or at least the majority) through contract management; (c) using non-smoking classmate peers as role models; (d) increasing subjective social norms not to smoke; and (e) experiencing positive short-term consequences, i.e. winning a prize

Study Results: Decreased tobacco use only among students without smoking peers

Reference: Stucki, S., Kuntsche, E., Archimi, A., & Kuntsche, S. (2014). Does smoking within an individual’s peer group affect intervention effectiveness? An evaluation of the Smoke Free Class Competition among Swiss adolescents. Preventive Medicine, 65, 52–57.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good