Educational or Curriculum – Classroom Activity

Initiative Description:Teaching moments were reminders or prompts regarding 1 of the 7 healthy messages which teachers were encouraged to provide to students throughout the school day. Examples of this included a reminder from the teacher to choose a fruit and vegetable from the school lunch line or to increase the intensity of physical activity during recess or PE class. Integrated lessons taught core subject material as required by state curriculum requirements but incorporated a physical activity or nutrition‐related health message. For example Instead of using manipulatives, teachers used a fruit or vegetable such as a celery stick to teach the concept of fractions.

Study Results: Decreased BMI.

Reference: Johnston CA, Moreno JP, El-Mubasher A, Gallagher M, Tyler C, Woehler D. (2013) Impact of a school-based pediatric obesity prevention program facilitated by health professionals. Journal of School Health. 83: 171-181.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good