Educational or Curriculum – Classroom Activity

Initiative Description: Multi-faceted, school-based health intervention was to educate children about healthy nutrition, promote physical activity, and use avatars as an educational and motivational tool for understanding and developing healthy bodies.The intervention group consisted of 25 males and 26 females (43% African-American, 57% European-American; 26% obese, 14% overweight) who received a 10-week nutrition education program that incorporated classroom physical activity and exposure to avatars.

Study Results: Intervention children significantly improved their healthy food choice intentions, ability to identify fatty foods, and general nutrition knowledge at posttest. Additionally, most intervention students reported that manipulating their avatar’s body size helped them think about healthy weight

Reference: Zaremba Morgan, A. z., Ulrich, P., Simmons, K. P., Gropper, S. S., Connell, L. J., Daniels, M. K., & … Keiley, M. K. (2014). Effectiveness of a multi-faceted, school-based health intervention program with 4th graders in Alabama. Children & Youth Services Review, 3746-54.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good