Educational or Curriculum – Before/Afterschool Activity

Initiative Description: Conduct a training for teachers on The African Guide (AG) which is a school mental health literacy curriculum resource that includes six classroom modules: (1) the stigma of mental illness, (2) understanding mental health and wellness, (3) information about specific mental illnesses, (4) experiences of mental illness; (5) seeking help and support, and (6) the importance of positive mental health.

Study Results: Improved help-seeking efficacy, Increased mental health knowledge, Increased curriculum specific knowledge, Decreased stigma against mental illness.

Reference: Kutcher, S., Wei, Y., Gilberds, H., Ubuguyu, O., Njau, T., Brown, A., … Perkins, K. (2016). A school mental health literacy curriculum resource training approach: Effects on Tanzanian teachers’ mental health knowledge, stigma and help-seeking efficacy. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 10(50),

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good