Educational or Curriculum

Health Corps

Initiative Description: A weekly curriculum delivered in classrooms, through mentorship, and through a variety of during- and after-school health-promoting activities. he program consisted of 10 classroom lessons weekly or bi-weekly for either a semester or a year. Lesson topics consisted of mental resilience, healthy eating habits, and physical fitness. Coordinators also provided mentoring to students and co-facilitated wellness councils comprising of staff members and students. Weekly afterschool clubs focused on nutrition, physical fitness, and/or mental resilience training. Activities outside the classroom included lunchroom food sampling, Teen Battle Chef culinary coaching program, and the annual Highway to Health school and community-wide festivals.

Study Results: Decreased BMI.

Reference: Heo, M., Jimenez, C., Lim, J., Isasi, C., Blank, A., Lounsbury, D., et al. (2018). Effective nationwide school-based participatory extramural program on adolescent body mass index, health knowledge and behaviors. BMC Pediatrics, 18(7).

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good