Educational or Curriculum


Initiative Description: Delivery of educational package organized at classroom level to promote healthy diet and an active lifestyle, Workshops for parents that were parallel to the classes with adolescents and covered similar topics (e.g. be active for at least 60 min per day, spend maximum 2 h per day on sedentary behavior and ways to overcome the barriers for physical activity) + organization of special events.

Study Results: Improved speed and strength aspects of phsyical fitness

Reference: Andrade, S., Lachat, C., Cardon, G., Ochoa-Aviles, A., Verstraeten, R., Camp, J. V., Kolsteren, P. (2016). Two years of school-based intervention program could improve the physical fitness among Ecuadorian adolescents at health risk: subgroups analysis from a cluster-randomized trial. BMC Pediatrics, 16, 51.

Level of Evidence: 4 out of 5 stars Excellent