Educational or Curriculum

ACHIEVER Resilience Curriculum

Initiative Description: Implemented the ACHIEVER Resilience Curriculum designed to train teachers in the practices of values, clarification, commitment, and mindfulness through cognitive behavioral therapy. The curriculum emphasized: developing knowledge and understanding of skills, habits or routines; modeling or showing a video demonstration of particular skills, habits, and routines in action; and getting participants to try out and apply the resilience skill over the course of the week.

Study Results: Reduced teacher stress, Improved teaching efficacy. Led to stronger intentions to implement evidence-based classroom practices.

Reference: Cook, C.R., Miller, F.G., & Fiat, A. (2017). Promoting secondary teachers’ well-being and intentions to implement evidence-based practices: Randomized evaluation of the achiever resilience curriculum. Psychology in the Schools 54(1), 13-28

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good