Educational or Curriculum

TIPSY (Information + Psychosocial Competence = Protection)

Initiative Description: A universal school-based life skills program-IPSY (Information + Psychosocial Competence = Protection)-against substance misuse in Germany. The intervention consists of 15 basic lessons (10 × 90 min and 5 × 45 min) in fifth grade and seven booster lessons (4 × 90 min and 3 × 45 min) that combines the training of general, intra- and interpersonal life skills (e.g., self awareness, stress- and problem-coping strategies, assertiveness, communication skills) with the acquisition of substance-specific skills (e.g., how to resist the offer of substances from peers)

Study Results: Decreased alcohol consumption.

Reference: Spaeth, M., Weichold, K., Silbereisen, R. K., & Wiesner, M. (2010). Examining the differential effectiveness of a life skills program (IPSY) on alcohol use trajectories in early adolescence. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 78(3), 334–348.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good