Educational or Curriculum

“Unge & Rus” [Youth & Alcohol] – Norway.

Initiative Description: The purpose of the intervention, “Unge & Rus”, is to facilitate cooperation between the school and the parents to allow students to: 1) develop knowledge about alcohol and the ability to think critically about its use; 2) strengthen attitudes against the use of alcohol; 3) reinforce the ability to say no to alcohol; and 4) delay the first use of alcohol. It consists of 20 school hours of 45 minutes in addition to two-parent meetings. The intervention is carried out by teachers who receive an 8-hour course

Study Results: Improved knowledge and attitudes regarding alcohol use.

Reference: Strøm, H. K., Adolfsen, F., Handegård, B. H., Natvig, H., Eisemann, M., Martinussen, M., & Koposov, R. (2015). Preventing alcohol use with a universal school-based intervention: results from an effectiveness study. BMC Public Health, 15(1).

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good