Educational or Curriculum

The Preventure Program -Australia

Initiative Description: Combined universal and selective approach to alcohol prevention in Australia. Schools randomized to the Climate condition administered the universal Climate Schools: Alcohol and Cannabis course to all year 8 students during health education classes. The course comprises 12 lessons of 40 min duration aimed at reducing alcohol and cannabis use and related harms. The Preventure program comprised two 90-min group sessions, delivered 1 week apart by a trained facilitator (registered clinical psychologists) and co-facilitator. Schools randomized to the CAP condition implemented the universal Climate program to the entire year group. In addition, high-risk students received the personality-targeted Preventure program.

Study Results: Decreased alcohol consumption & likeliness to drink.

Reference: Teesson, M., Newton, N. C., Slade, T., Carragher, N., Barrett, E. L., Champion, K. E., … & Conrod, P. J. (2017). Combined universal and selective prevention for adolescent alcohol use: a cluster randomized controlled trial. Psychological Medicine, 47(10), 1761–1770.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good