Educational or Curriculum

The St. Jude Cancer Education for Children Program (SJCECP)

Initiative Description:  The program aimed to teach children about cancer and healthy habits that can prevent the formation of cancers into adulthood. Each participating student received the illustrated children’s books “What are Cells?”, “What is Cancer?”, and “What is Healthy Living?” as well as a laboratory manual for the exercise to accompany the presentation about cells and attended 3 presentations given by St. Jude faculty and research staff on topics within their expertise

Study Results: Improved knowledge about cancer & prevention

Reference: Ayers, K., Li, Z., Quintana, Y., Van Kirk Villalobos, A., & Klosky, J. L. (2017). St. Jude Cancer Education for Children Program: The impact of a teacher-led intervention on student knowledge gains. Journal of Cancer Education, 32(4), 808–813.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good