Educational or Curriculum

The Drug Education in Victorian Schools program.

Initiative Description: The program comprised 18 lessons, provided successively over 2 years, to a cohort of secondary school students with an average age of 13 at the start of the program. Lessons on alcohol were integrated with lessons on other drugs, and the program as a whole explored the connection of drug use to issues such as mental health, violence, antisocial behavior, and sexual vulnerability.

Study Results: Decreased alcohol consumption.

Reference: Midford, R., Ramsden, R., Lester, L., Cahill, H., Mitchell, J., Foxcroft, D. R., & Venning, L. (2014). Alcohol prevention and school students: Findings from an Australian 2-year trial of integrated harm minimization school drug education. Journal of Drug Education, 44(3–4), 71–94.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good