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Living in 2 Worlds Curriculum

Initiative Description: a culturally adapted version of keepin’ it REAL (kiR) redesigned for urban American Indian (AI) middle school students. Focused on strengthening resiliency and AI cultural engagement, L2W teaches drug resistance skills, decision making, and culturally grounded prevention messages. The L2W curriculum adaptation integrated three types of information: prior research on substance use risk and protective factors for UAI youth, culturally specific ways that UAI youth encounter and resist substance offers, and representations of AI cultural elements. For example, in one of the new curriculum lessons students develop a personal value for using storytelling as a resistance strategy, based on the importance of the oral tradition

Study Results: Delayed initiation and slowed increases in substance use.

Reference: Kulis, S. S., Ayers, S. L., & Harthun, M. L. (2017). Substance use prevention for urban American Indian youth: A efficacy trial of the culturally adapted Living in 2 Worlds Program. The Journal of Primary Prevention, 38(1–2), 137–158.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good