Educational or Curriculum

The Williamson Project

Initiative Description: The Project involved parents, community leaders, and school personnel in a comprehensive effort at an urban elementary school that was meant to focus on the needs of children of poverty and their families in local elementary school, particularly those of African American descent. The major goals of the project were to provide the skills necessary for students to be responsible for assignments and homework, demonstrate regular attendance, treat teachers and other students with respect, and develop honesty and trust in the school environment. Each character trait or value was taught as a unit of study. Daily, the students reinforced each character trait. All curricula reflected the trait which was discussed throughout the day relative to the subject matter. Materials were used or developed to connect information across subject matter. In addition to curriculum issues, the school developed a basic model behavior plan based on character education traits. It had input from students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members.

Study Results: Results indicated significant improvement in academic achievement in state-mandated achievement testing and a decrease in behavioral problems.

Reference: Martin, D., & Martin, M. (2007). Implementing a Family/School Partnership in an Urban Elementary School to Reduce Negative Behavior and Increase Academic Achievement. Family Therapy: The Journal of the California Graduate School of Family Psychology, 34(3), 141–152.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good