Educational or Curriculum

The PADOK Program

Initiative Description: The program aims to improve students’ behavior and lifestyle habits. Namely, increasing their enjoyment of school life and health, forming a habit of sleeping at regular hours of each day for a period of more than 6 hours, eating breakfast, and increasing their physical activity by decreasing the time spent on computer games, mobile phones, internet, and watching television. Students were randomized to the PADOK group or control group. The PADOK group received 6 classroom lessons, 5 students-parents interactive homework plans, a text book for the lessons and homework assignments and 4 school newsletters over a 6 month period. The control schools received the standard health education curriculum provided by the school.

Study Results: PADOK intervention program was effective for improving the SPS score of adolescents. Improvements were also observed in some lifestyle habits, including increases in subjective enjoyment of school life, the servings of staple foods, main dishes, and vegetables consumed at breakfast.

Level of Evidence: Good [2.0]