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Initiative Description: Study participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups, with one group receiving the sport consultation (Sport), a second the sport consultation plus an alcohol consultation (Sport Plus), and a third a sport consultation, alcohol consultation, and mailed parent print materials (Sport Plus Parent). The Consultation Protocol, administered by a nurse, consisted of prevention messages addressing responses to each of the seven screening questions, followed by a student contract.
Prevention messages included whether or not the student participated in school sports and out-ofschool sports/physical activities, exercised regularly, ate a regular healthy breakfast, and slept eight or more hours a night. A final message was tailored to the student’s stage of alcohol use acquisition or change. Each of the prevention communications promoted an active lifestyle, emphasized the conflict between such a lifestyle and consuming alcohol, and portrayed the image
that an active lifestyle does not involve alcohol use

Study Results: 30-day heavy drinking significantly declined over time, as did alcohol problems and alcohol use initiation. In addition, vigorous physical activity increased over time, as well as moderate physical activity,

Reference: Werch, C., Moore, M., DiClemente, C. C., Owen, D. M., Jobli, E., & Bledsoe, R. (2003). A sport-based intervention for preventing alcohol use and promoting physical activity among adolescents. Journal of School Health, 73(10), 380-388

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good