Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: Curriculum‐based physical activity was introduced at the study school in collaboration with the local sports club. Physical activity nearly doubled for all students from the preschool class to grade 6. Besides the ordinary classes, 2 extra weekly classes of 30‐45 minutes each were mandatory for all children. The extra classes consisted of “play and motion” activities designed to be engaging, enjoyable, health‐promoting, and non-competitive and consisting of different sports and games with or without the use of equipment.

Study Results: Among girls, participation in the “School‐in‐Motion” intervention program was significantly associated with passing the national tests in Swedish and mathematics

Reference:  Kall.L., Malmgren, H. Olsson, E. , Lindén, T. & Nilsson, M. (2015). Effects of a Curricular Physical Activity Intervention on Children’s School Performance, Wellness, and Brain Development. Journal of School Health, 85(10), 704–713.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good