Educational or Curriculum

The ACHIEVER Resilience Curriculum

Initiative Description: Implement the ACHIEVER Resilience Curriculum, which is a well-being promoting intervention designed to train teachers in the practices of values clarification and commitment, and mindfulness through cognitive behavioral therapy. Also, all teachers in the school, including participating teachers, received a series of three after-school professional development trainings and ongoing follow-up support to incrementally improve intervention fidelity of the proactive classroom management practices

Study Results: Reduced teacher stress, Increased teachers’ implementation of evidence-based practices with fidelity.

Reference: Larson, M., Cook, C.R., Fiat, A., & Lyon, A.R. (2018). Stressed teachers don’t make good implementers: Examining the interplay between stress reduction and intervention fidelity.
School Mental Health, 2018(10), 61-76.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good