Educational or Curriculum

Personal Transition Plan/Leadership (PTP/L)

Initiative Description: The PTP/L course is a universal program that is designed to build students’ sense of school connectedness in developmentally appropriate ways from freshman to senior year. Lessons for freshmen and sophomores are designed to increase students’ interactions with their classmates, teachers, and staff at KHS through service learning and team‐building activities.

Study Results: School connectedness was increased as a result of the student relationships with their PTP/L teacher. Encouraging school involvement by framing it as a way to boost their college or job application also motivated students to become more involved.

Reference: CHUNG-DO, J., FILIBECK, K., GOEBERT, D. A., ARAKAWA, G., FRASER, D., LABOY, J., & MINAKAMI, D. (2013). Understanding Students’ Perceptions of a High School Course Designed to Enhance School Connectedness. Journal of School Health, 83(7), 478–484.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good