Educational or Curriculum

Open Airways: a school-based asthma intervention.

Initiative Description:

Schools were matched and randomly assigned to Program 1 or 2 or control. Baseline, 12, and 24 months of data were collected by telephone (parents), at school (students) and from school system records.

Program 1: The first intervention tested was an adaptation of Open Airways.18-20 The original 7 lesson curriculum included interactive problem‐solving activities appropriate for groups of preteens.

Program 2: A multicomponent model. The program included the adapted Open Airways program and a peer education component.

Study Results:Program 1 of the programs produced improved school grades (p = .02). Program 2 enhanced self-regulation (p = .01) at 24 months.

Reference: Clark, N. M., Shah, S., Dodge, J. A., Thomas, L. J., Andridge, R. R., & Little, R. J. A. (2010). An Evaluation of Asthma Interventions for Preteen Students. Journal of School Health, 80(2), 80–87.

Level of Evidence: 4 out of 5 stars Excellent