Educational or Curriculum

Steps to Respect

Initiative Description: Steps to Respect curricula provided multiple pathways to influence social behavior by building bullying prevention and general social–emotional skills. Brief individual coaching sessions were conducted with each participant in bullying episodes are intended to provide solution-oriented responses to immediate and long-term student needs.

Study Results: 2-year declines in playground bullying, victimization, non-bullying aggression, destructive bystander, and argumentative behavior in elementary students.

Reference: Frey, K. S., Hirschstein, M. K., Edstrom, L. V., & Snell, J. L. (2009). Observed reductions in school bullying, nonbullying aggression, and destructive bystander behavior: a longitudinal evaluation. Journal of Educational Psychology, 101(2), 466-481.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good