Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: An HIV/AIDS preventive health education involving nurses alone (IG1) and another involving both nurses and trained parents/ guardians (IG2). IG2 HIV/AIDS preventive health education was delivered in the form of lectures, film show, role-play, and question and answer sessions directed by nurses to students, in addition to an HIV/AIDS preventive seminar to parents/guardians for their subsequent involvement in the students’ educational intervention.

Study Results: Students exposed to parental involvement had significantly better mean scores on knowledge of prevention (IG2: x=7.51; IG1: x=6.96 control: x=3.82). Furthermore, although the male students had a significantly higher mean score with intervention involving only nurses, the females had a higher mean score with intervention involving parents/guardians

Reference: Akpabio, I. I., Asuzu M. C., Fajemilehin, B. R., & Ofi, B. (2008). Effects of parental involvement in HIV/AIDS preventive education on secondary student knowledge about transmission and prevention in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 29(1), 71-87. doi: 10.2190/IQ.29.1.f.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good