Educational or Curriculum

The Triple A Program

Initiative Description: The triple A program entrusts young people with the responsibility of educating their peers about asthma. Step 1 students learnt how to educate their peers about asthma and its management using games, videos, worksheets, and discussions as teaching tools. In step 2, teams of three to four asthma peer leaders conducted three 45 minute health lessons for each year 10 class in their school. The leaders used the teaching tools to guide students to critically analyse the barriers to asthma management In step 3, the year 10 students developed and presented key messages learnt in the lessons to the year 7 students.

Study Results: School absenteeism significantly decreased in the intervention group only.

Reference: Shah, S., Peat, J., Mazurski, E., Wang, H., Sindhusake, D., Bruce, C., & … Gibson, P. (2001). Effect of peer led programme for asthma education in adolescents: cluster randomised controlled trial. BMJ (Clinical Research Ed.), 2001(7286), 583-585.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good