Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: Nurse delivered programs. Schools were randomly assigned into three experimental groups E1, E2, and E3. Children in Experimental group 1 (E1) received resilience training only. The package made use of autobiography of both local and international legends who had successful outcomes despite the risk that they faced in childhood. Children in the Experimental group 2 (E2) were assigned to a peer support group. The support group was used to facilitate interaction between vulnerable children and to encourage sharing of feelings, ideas, and information on coping techniques in different situations. Experimental group 3 (E3) utilized the combination of interventions used by E1 and E2.

Study Results: Significant increase in the knowledge mean scores of both nurses and teachers 6 weeks post intervention. Children’s depression scores significantly reduced post intervention

Reference: Olowokere, A. E., & Okanlawon, F. A. (2014). The effects of a school-based psychosocial intervention on resilience and health outcomes among vulnerable children. The Journal Of School Nursing, 30(3), 206-215.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good