Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: Dating violence (DV) prevention program for Cuban American adolescents: The program consisted of six large group sessions for Hispanic adolescents, two for their parents, and two for school personnel. Each session included psychoeducational and skill-building activities that were delivered using videos, music, group discussion, and other modalities. It aimed to address Hispanic culture.

Study Results: Effects on reduced dating violence were found for males, but not females.

Reference: Gonzalez-Guarda, R., Guerra, J. E., Cummings, A. A., Pino, K., & Becerra, M. M. (2015). Examining the preliminary efficacy of a dating violence prevention program for hispanic adolescents. The Journal of School Nursing, 31(6), 411-421. doi:10.1177/1059840515598843

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good