Educational or Curriculum


Initiative Description: COMPAS program (Spanish acronym for Skills for Adolescents with Healthy Sexuality), a school-based HIV prevention protocol. The intervention is composed of five modules: (i) information and cognitive restructuring; (ii) social skills training; (iii) problem-solving training; (iv) maintenance strategies: self-management; and (v) covert behavior rehearsal. Participatory methods, such as interactive activities, games in groups, role-playing, and mixed-gender discussion groups

Study Results: Education delivered by experts was the most effective modality for improving knowledge and attitudes about HIV/AIDS.

Reference: Morales, A., Espada, J. P., Orgilés, M., Secades-Villa, R., & Remor, E. (2014). The short-term impact of peers as co-facilitators of an HIV prevention programme for adolescents: A cluster randomised controlled trial. European Journal Of Contraception & Reproductive Health Care, 19(5), 379-391

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good