Educational or Curriculum

Motivating Adolescents with Technology to CHOOSE Health™ (MATCH)

Initiative Description: Motivating Adolescents with Technology to CHOOSE Health™ (MATCH) is an educational and behavioral intervention in seventh grade.MATCH is comprised primarily of educational and behavioral curriculum grounded in social cognitive and self‐determination theories. Lessons are delivered by classroom teachers and embedded within standard educational curricula in seventh grade. Each student maintained a notebook tracking lessons and progress. At given intervals associated with lessons and achieving goals, teachers provided pedometers and small incentives such as pens, lanyards, drawstring bags, calculators, and water bottles.

Study Results: Decreased BMI.

Reference: Lazorick, S., Fang, X., Hardison, G. T., & Crawford, Y. (2015). Improved body mass index measures following a middle school-based obesity intervention-the MATCH program. Journal Of School Health, 85(10), 680-687.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good