Educational or Curriculum

PAX Good Behavior Game


Initiative Description: Train teachers to implement behavior management programs such as PAX Good Behavior Good and PATHS to PAX. PAX GBG training included 1.5 days of training and PATHS to PAX involved 3.5 days of training. Following the training, teachers received weekly face to face coaching sessions across the school year, including check-ins, modeling, needs assessments, and technical assistance/performance feedback.

Study Results: Improved teaching efficacy, improved behavior management efficacy.

Reference: Domitrovich, C. E., Bradshaw, C. P., Berg, J. K., Pas, E. T., Becker, K. D., Musci, R., … Ialongo, N. (2016). How do school-based prevention programs impact teachers? Findings from a randomized trial of an integrated classroom management and social-emotional program. Prevention Science: The Official Journal of the Society for Prevention Research, 17(3), 325–337.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good