Educational or Curriculum

Eat Fit

Initiative Description: The curriculum includes 9 experiential lessons that teach skills, provide goal performance feedback, practice behaviors, and motivate. The topics include dietary and physical activity goal setting,reading food labels,eating at fast food outlets, learning the physical activities, and understanding media influence. The physical activity assessment has students examine their current fitness activity behaviors and guides them through goal setting and contracting. Each week, students track their eating and fitness goal progress. Incentives in the form of raffle tickets and prizes are used to motivate students. Each lesson is correlated to the California Department of Education Standards.

Study Results: The total change scores for the treatment and control periods were statistically different. Change scores for Listening and Speaking (P ≤ .01), Mathematical Reasoning (P ≤ .05), and Algebra and Functions 2.3 (P ≤ .001) were statistically greater for the intervention period compared to the control period.

Reference: Shilts, M. K., Lamp, C., Horowitz, M., & Townsend, M. S. (2009). Pilot Study: EatFit Impacts Sixth Graders’ Academic Performance on Achievement of Mathematics and English Education Standards. Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior, 41(2), 127–131.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good