Community Partnership – Educational or Curriculum

The Marion County (Indiana) Tobacco-Free Youth Initiative

Initiative Description: a Life Skills Training curriculum. Decision-making, stress management, communication, and social skills also were components of the curriculum. This component was part of a larger campaign that included establishing complementary community-based tobacco prevention interventions in neighborhoods adjacent to the intervention middle schools, increasing neighborhood enforcement of retail tobacco access, and implementing multimedia public education programs

Study Results: Improved knowledge and refusal attitudes related to tobacco use.

Reference: Zollinger, T. W., Saywell, R. M., Muegge, C. M., Wooldridge, J. S., Cummings, S. F., & 38 Caine, V. A. (2003). Impact of the Life Skills Training Curriculum on middle school students tobacco use in Marion County, Indiana, 1997-2000. Journal of School Health, 73(9), 338–346.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good