Community Partnership

Initiative Description: The ASEP is a collaborative police–school partnership approach that adapts a family group conferencing model to emphasize methods of enhancing the legitimacy of the laws while also fostering an opportunity to alleviate barriers to school attendance. The experimental treatment involved a program conference (including the development of a child-focused Action Plan), a police officer monitoring the Action Plan for 6 months and then a short, exit meeting scheduled for approximately 6 months post the program conference.

Study Results: There was a significant main effect of time that showed an overall decline in absenteeism from pre- to post-intervention. Experimental participants reported that they had tried to go to school more often relative to the control participants (t(96) = 3.745,p < .001) and that the intervention had made them address the reasons why they were skipping school to a greater extent

Reference: Mazerolle, L., Antrobus, E., Bennett, S., & Eggins, E. (2017). Reducing truancy and fostering a willingness to attend school: Results from a randomized trial of a police-school partnership program. Prevention Science, 18(4), 469-480. doi:

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good