Community Partnership

Initiative Description: Five districts applied for the funding through the Wraparound Zone Initiative. The selected schools were evaluated on the implementation of their personally selected strategies. There were some common strategies observed across all districts, including: implementation of, and professional development on, one or more schoolwide SEL curricula programs; a purposeful focus on family engagement strategies including a dedicated family engagement coordinator staff position in schools; implementation of standardized referral procedures and data-monitoring systems; and establishment of school-level and district-level WAZ coordinator positions.

Study Results: Improvement on standardized math scores in comparison to schools not receiving the intervention.

Reference: Gandhi, A. G., Slama, R., Park, S. J., Russo, P., Winner, K., Bzura, R., … & Williamson, S. (2018). Focusing on the Whole Student: An Evaluation of Massachusetts’s Wraparound Zone Initiative. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 11(2), 240-266.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good